Butterfly Tattoo Symbolism

What does your Butterfly tattoo symbolize

Key meanings: Life, Beauty, Metamorphosis, Change, Transformation, Immortality, Dreams, Peace, Spirituality, Thoughts, Playfulness, Tranquility, Fertility, Delicateness, Love, Resurrection, Appreciation

Butterfly tattoos can also mean transformation due to its evolution of life: Egg being the beginning or birth - Larva the socialization - Caterpillar Independence and awareness - Chrysalis the change from adolescence to adulthood or a change of a way of life - Butterfly emerging as an adult, awakening to a new way or phase of life

Making the Butterfly a tattoo that symbolizes a significant transition or change in your life.

The Japanese consider the butterfly  a symbol of fine beauty and delicate feminine qualities. Geisha's are commonly identified with butterflies. 

Christian symbolism marks the butterfly as an symbol of immortality and the awakening to higher love as each human can hold in there heart.

Celtic symbolism has similar symbolism representing love, honour and beauty. It can also be a symbol of the soul. 

Chinese consider the butterfly a symbol of good luck, health, blessing and abundance.