Frog Tattoo Symbolism

Frog Tattoo Ideas

Frog Symbolism: Transformation, Good luck, Sensitivity, Perceptive, Renewal, Intuitive

Frogs are like little evolutional miracles transforming right under our noses. In their one life-cycle, the whole of evolution is revealed.

In just a short 12 weeks, the frog will move from an exclusively all-water environment to a more liberated existence as a both land and water dweller. The gills it used in its underwater life will be replaced with lungs as an adult. The rudder tail it had to aid in swimming as a little nipper will drop off in adulthood. Some really major and incredible transformations take place in frogdom.A frog tattoo is symbolic of immense and profound transitions within the owners life.

The frog is proof that transformation can lead to liberation. Metaphorically, transformation allows the frog to walk in two worlds. Through self-evolution the frog emerges victor of both water and as an adult, it becomes quite adept at land life too. This is also symbolic of adaptation.

The ancient Egyptians assigned the frog as a sacred symbol of birth as well as resurrection. They had a frog-headed goddess named Heket. She was present at each new birth, and exhaled the breath of new life into the nostrils of each newborn Egyptian child.

Change is a common theme of water in esoteric symbolism. A frog's environment is mostly water, and so therefore the frog itself is associated with symbolic attributes of water which include: Intuition, Emotion, Fluidity, Change, Purification

Frogs come in a myriad of colors, but we most often thing of green - this is symbolic of new growth, good health and even wealth. Consider the color green. Green is the color of the heart chakra, which is connected to themes of love and health. Green is also the color of new life we see sprouting out in the spring time - which points to abundance in growth and harvest. Agriculturally, green is akin to income - green goodness means produce to have and sell. In short, life is good when crops are green.

Our Native Americans recognized these subtle connections. They recognized the life cycles of the frog, as well as its watery realms and the color of its skin. All these cues are symbolic in Native wisdom. Mostly, the frog is symbolic of purification to many Native American tribes. 

The Aztecs and Mayans especially linked the frog with rains - which equates to agricultural success in that region of the world. To them, the frog was a rain bringer. Some legends even say the frog was a rain-maker. And so, the frog in this light would be symbolic of life - specifically, a symbol of the continuation of life.

In China and Japan the frog is considered good luck. The frog is said to be a companion to world-travelers, and will give travelers the best of luck in all their journeys.