Horseshoe Tattoo Symbolism

Horseshoe Symbolic Meaning

Horseshoe symbolism: Luck, Protection, Power, Safe journeying, Well grounded, Magic, Happy returns, Winning, Success

Logically, horseshoe symbolism deals with protection because horseshoes were first design to protect horse's hooves.

Over time and via thoughtful contemplation of ancient peoples (mostly of European descent), the horseshoe became synonymous with luck and protection to humans too.

A horseshoe turned upwards will symbolize good luck and protection. Tales indicate all the luck is held within the curve of the shoe. Conversely, all the luck falls out if the shoe is depicted with ends pointed down.

But an upwards horseshoe is also lucky because in this position it represents the horned moon, or crescent moon. In fact, Celtic and other ancient European legend has associated horses and horseshoes with lunar symbolism.

In a lunar light, horseshoes are symbolic of: Magic, mystery, intuition and travel via dreaming. Moon affiliated horseshoes are also symbolic of esoteric progress, protection whilst traveling by night as well as protection when traveling darker spiritual paths.

Interestingly, the horseshoe is a symbolic representation of Yoni, which in Sanskrit means "source of life." Yoni is not a term used in the Vedas to describe the origin of life, it also describes the human soul's journey through life. Early translation of Yoni defined it as the soul's divine progress (ascension) through life.

On a more practical level, horseshoe tattoos also convey a sense of winning or success. This is a reference to horseracing, betting, and achievement in games of chance.