Lotus Tattoo Symbolism

Lotus Symbolism 

Lotus Symbolism: Light, Awareness, Illumination, Opening, Renewal, Creation, Life, Balance, Revelation, Direction, Devotion

Much of the sacred symbolism behind the lotus comes from its relationship with the elements of water and fire.

It grows in the water, it represents: Dreams, Emotion, Intuition, Awareness, Purification.

The lotus blossom opens each morning in the face of the dawning sun. This is the solar connection - the link to fire which proffers symbolism of: Passion, Vitality, Revelation, Clarity, Life and Vision.

Lotus tattoo meaning is deeply rooted in spiritual purity. The Buddha for example is seen emerging from the lotus. In fact the mantra "mani padme" meaning "jewel of the lotus" is a reference to Nirvana.

The lotus is a portal to magnificent awareness - and many masters recognize this enchanting power of this beguiling blossom. A lotus tattoo might serve as a constant reminder of the majesty it represents.
The lotus is symbolic of many vast concepts in ancient culture, such as:
*The human heart
*Un-manifested potential
*The process of universal creation
*The eight (petals) directions - navigation
*Awareness rising out of chaos (blooms from murky water)

The blooms emerging from water, along with distinctly delicate features of the lotus are reminiscent of feminine qualities.

Egyptian, Hindu, Japanese and Indian cultures all recognize the theme of birth and renewal through the lotus.