Mermaid Tattoo Symbolism

Mermaid Symbolism

Mermaid Symbolism: Seductive, Alluring, Feminine, Emotional, Tempestuous, Wild, Intuitive, Reflective, Enchanting, Free, Fluid, Sensual, Elusive, Knowing

Mermaids in myth are legendary for their unpredictability, and tempestuous ways. Just like their home, the ocean, mermaids will never be bound to orthodoxy or convention. 

The mermaid is lauded for her enchanting voice. Aside from her astonishingly striking beauty, the mermaid song holds irresistible attraction like a melodic narcotic.
She uses her looks and voice to woo unsuspecting souls at sea. A mermaid's purpose for luring seafarers could be to offer refuge, salvation or pleasure. On the other hand, she could be offering death.

An emotive metamorphosis is also associated with the moon, which the mermaid holds sacred. We know mermaids are energetically connected with the moon because the sea is influenced by it. In ancient depictions of mermaids are often shown with mirrors - which is a symbol of the moon. A very yin, or feminine aspect.

Mermaids are symbolic of sensuality,

In Celtic and European myth mermaids were thought to have deep psychic connection which makes utter sense as we learn the element of water is connected to concepts like: Dreaming, Intuition, Emotion, Deeper Knowing. 

Mermaids are knower's of deeper, darker aspects of the soul. Just as the sea holds unknown mysteries, so too do our own psyche's - but legend indicates mermaids can see clear to the core of a human.