Snail Tattoo Symboilsm

Snail Symbolism

Progress, Being Grounded, Whimsy, Awareness, Observation, Patience, Expansion, Residual effects, Dreams, Consciousness, Time/phases/cycles

The snail is the slow and steady symbol of nature. Slowly but surely the snail gets to her destination.

Snail shells are typically spiral in nature.Spirals are symbolic of expanding consciousness. Alternatively, spirals can also imply a process of going within (spiraling inward) to seek inner consciousness for answers.

Snail tattoos can represent awareness, and an ability to effectively interpret dreams and unorthodox realities. This is because of the snails antennae which are hugely exploratory. Further, the entire body of the snail is a sensory tool. This is symbolic of experiencing reality via uncommon sensory perception.

The snail is also a lunar creature. Aboriginal cultures observed the snails ability to hide itself within its shell, or reveal itself. This behavior is likened to the waxing and waning of the moon (revealing, and concealing). Similarly, the snail shares themes of progress, cycles, and fertility with the moon too.

In Mesoamerican lore, the snail is associated with the wind. Indeed Mayan symbolism indicates various wind gods riding in snail shells - descending upon the earth in tempestuous, unpredictable undulations.
The snail is also associated with new beginnings - specifically spring-time energies as it is the first to emerge from the earth in the spring...coaxed out by spring rains.